About Lough Sheelin Guiding Services

Lough Sheelin Guiding Services offer fully guided trips, and you can be assured we know every corner and drift on Sheelin and will work hard for you to make sure you get the best opportunity to catch Sheelins famous wild brown trout.

With a lifetimes experience and knowledge between us to share, we would like to think that whether you are a distinguished angler or a complete novice we can help to hone your skills and understanding of the Loughs of Ireland and give you an insight into the habits of the famous brown trout and other game species. This understanding will give you a solid grounding to build upon during future fishing expeditions.

Gary McKiernan

Gary started fly fishing at just ten years of age on the river erne and has been fishing Sheelin for the past twenty five years.
Gary qualified to represent Ulster in the 2009 and 2014 championships and has caught fish of up to 8lb on wet and dry fly.

Lough Sheelin Guiding Services was formed back in 2011 to cope with the demand of visiting anglers looking for a professional guiding service on the lough. Many visiting anglers who may only have a few days fishing in the lough did not have the time to spend roaming around looking for the perfect spot for that elusive monster trout, that is where the services of a ghillie or guide are essential.

Gary has a lifetimes knowledge and experience, and has the uncanny ability to put anglers right over the fish, with the correct set up, lines, leaders, and flies to suit not just the time of day but the many different fly hatches through the season and even the changing weather conditions on Sheelin throughout the year. Whether you are a distinguished angler or a complete novice, Lough Sheelin Guiding Services will help to hone your skills and understanding of the loughs of Ireland, they offer thoughtful insights into the nature and habits of the famous brown trout. This understanding provides a solid grounding to build upon during future fishing expeditions.

During the trout season the ghillies are available seven days a week to cover daytime sessions between 10am and 5pm, evening sessions from 5pm till dark in addition to early morning sessions upon request. A packed or cooked lunch on the Island can be provided if required. Lough Sheelin Guiding Services are well serviced with public access points and car parks at Kilnahard pier on the North Western shore of the lough.

When it comes to planning a day on Sheelin, or for that matter any lake, a number of issues have got to be giver careful consideration. Every day is different and a number of factors need to be considered by the experienced guide before a plan is finalised.

Weather forecasts have to be studied and particular attention has to be given to matters such as wind speed and direction, cloud cover and temperature. Weather conditions determine the drifts that are suitable on the day. Conditions can change during the day and a change in location may be necessary, always remember that a one degree change in wind direction can close one drift and bring another into play. Extreme weather conditions also bring health and safety issues into play.

Hatches of fly can be localised and are often confined to particular areas or bays, for example the olive hatch has been concentrated in the Bog Bay area for the past few years however this has not always been the case Chamber's Bay was also a "hot spot" for olive hatches in the past.

Water temperature and water levels can have a bearing on the location of fishstocks, trout will also move from one area to another to feed or to avoid excessive angling pressure and continued disturbance.

The tackle to be used has then to be considered whether to use dry fly or wet fly, the fly pattern, size of the fly, type and density of the fly line and the type of leader to be used. When it comes to hunting down and catching the wild brown trout that Lough Sheelin is now famous for it must be remembered that the small things and attention to detail make the difference between success and failure.

Local knowledge is a key factor and without it those who only fish the lake on an occasional basis are starting their trip at a disadvantage. Planning a successful day's fishing is not always as simple as it may appear and the professional services on offer from the Lough Sheelin Guiding Services dramatically improve your chances of success.